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Happy Diwali | Happy Diwali 2018: Wishes,Quotes & Images

Hello guys! Happy Diwali !!! Welcome to our website. This site is solely dedicated to the most celebrated and happening festival in India and has a worldwide following. So, today we will try to cover as much important information as possible about the festival which leads so many families to prosperity and happiness each year with its arrival.

happy diwali

What is Diwali or Deepawali ?

Our brothers and sisters who are born to Indian parents need nothing to know anything more about this festival since we are born and brought up in the most secular country, India. People of any religion, cast, community, race, ethnicity, groups even Maoists and Naxalites are aware of the origin and process of celebrating Diwali. To celebrate it or not is their choice but people here are so supportive that when it comes to celebrating festivals they, irrespective of their religions, come forward and respect each other. If you aren’t aware about it and are curious to know then here you go.

Diwali or Deepawali is a festival of lights. Every year it arrives in the month of November. Every household in India starts cleaning and renovating their homes to make it more aesthetic so that they can practice rituals on the very occasion of Diwali. In broad meaning we can say it is festivals of light which lights up the whole sky with its chromatic, prismatic and most variegated sight which makes everyone blissful. But it cannot be just explained so easily. The festival of Diwali has a wonderful and very superior religious story and we will try to explain it in the best way possible.

Diwali is a festival of Hindus, one of the four major religions in India. Millions of year ago there was a very well known king Dasrath who was very respected and loved by his country people. He got four sons from his three wives named Ram, Bharat, Laxman and Satrughan. Ram being the avatar  of Lord Vishnu is known as lord Ram. They all four were very wise and had the abilities to do the impossible. So they were taught by one of the most sharp, brilliant and exceptional rishi muni and then after getting the exceptional teaching they were all ready to rule the country. Meanwhile Ram got married to Sita, daughter of king Janak. Since the Ram was eldest among four he was going to be the next king. But one of his stepmother lured him into spending a large part of his life into Forests and got him exiled in order to let his own son sit on the throne, taking advantage of the promise king Dasrath made to her once when she saved his life.

happy diwaliSo, Ram all set to start his journey accompanied by his wife and brother Laxman. On one of the struggling days in their lives living in forest, Sita got kidnapped by another king Ravan, an influential, rugged, mighty and significant king ruling the world with his extraordinary powers. So, the journey filled with struggle of Ram and Laxman along with their supporters and one of the avatar of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanumana who helped them unconditionally began. At the last, after years of fighting with each other Ram killed Ravan  and freed Sita. When they got home back after conquering Lanka, all their country people celebrated their victory by lighting up their houses with diyas, candles and lanterns, illuminating every way and cheering them unconditionally with all love and support.

happy diwali

Their victory is celebrated as the festival of Diwali. This victory holds very important value in the Hindu religion and among all Indians because it also represents victory of truth over lie, light over darkness, good over evil. That’s one of the reasons why it is celebrated with such chaos and happiness all over.

Therefore when this festival arrives, celebrations just become the way of life. Social gatherings happen a lot during this time. People gifts each other, to their neighbourhoods, relatives, people working staff in their surroundings and all their known-beings with extreme happiness. Wherever you go, you get filled with aroma of your surroundings to the soul. So much of positive energy, positive people spreading happiness and love, glaring each and every house in your way amazingly decorated. It just makes your week. It’s unending. You can only feel it when you are in middle of it.

But do your ever knew there are also other reasons why people celebrate this festival. Let’s see all the reasons to celebrate Diwali:


happy diwali

1.   Return of Lord Ram with Sita and Laxman.

Everyone knows it that when lord Rama returned Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Laxman after defeating king Ravan and winning over Lanka, all the citizens of Ayodhya celebrated and cheered lighting up the whole kingdom and getting their ruler.

 2.    When Lord Krishna killed Narakaasur.
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In Tamil Nadu, it is believed or may be in other parts of the country as well that long years ago a devil named Narakaasur had caught around 16,000 women in prison. Lord Krishna killed him and liberated all of them. From that day, they celebrate this festival a day before Diwali on Narak Chaturdasi . In Goa, people burn paper clone of this devil with full excitement.

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3.       Birth and Marriage of goddess Laxmi (goddess of wealth).

Also on this day, goddess Laxmi took birth as a result of Samudra Manthan between Devtas and Asuras. On the same day next year, she got married to lord Vishnu and hence bhakts celebrate it by lighting up their surroundings.

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4.       Kali pujan on the very same day of Diwali.

On this very same day, bengalis celebrate it by worshipping goddess Kali on the night of new moon in the month of karthik . This is of very significance to all living in Bengal as it only comes second to enormously celebrated Durga pujan.

happy diwali5.       Jain lord Mahavir attended nirvana and his anniversary

This day is celebrated as the death anniversary of Jain lord Mahavir who attended nirvana. Recently, jain monk Tarun Sagar ji maharaj took ‘santhara’ or ‘sallekhana’ which is fast unto death as he was getting treatment for several health problems and his health was very critical. He passed away in New Delhi.

Source of other reasons to celebrate diwali : WeAreHolidays

Do you people know how to do Diwali pujan at home?

The day of diwali occurs on Amavasya and all people do Laxmi and Ganesh pujan at their homes and took blessing for the great year ahead full of life and happiness.
As per tradition goes preparation of puja starts early day or a day before, arranging all the required materials and puja samagri. As the early day is spent cleaning and decorating home. The evening is all about placing each and everything on its right place to start performing the ritual on time. There is also a subh muhurat to perform puja but as it changes according to time. The priest should be able to give correct timing. Along with Laxmi and Ganesh pujan people also worship lord Kuber, the treasurer of all gods. For this they usually worship locker or safe which they used to keep their money and golds.

What you folks do on this occasion, i mean other than puja and fire crackers. Let us find out what can we do all this week.

1.       Gift each other and relatives gift packs or sweets as mostly people do.

2.       Meet old friends and hangout with them nostalgic about time you spent together and making memories for later.

3.       Buy vehicles, furniture, electronics etc! Yes there is NO other time you will ever get for amazing and mouth-watering deals with fantastic offers to look after.

4.        Arrange a city tour. This may be come out as very thing to do as you will get to witness how astonishing localities look when decorated. The streets, Malls, Super markets and everything just looks mesmerizing. You will get aroma of happiness all over and of course food and sweets everywhere.

5.        Do your own research for point 5th. I am going to eat now.